Dear Friends and Colleagues,

we are very pleased to announce the 5th Bilateral Seminar Italy-Japan 2012 (BSIJ 2012) titled “Physical and Chemical Impacts on Marine Organisms: for the sustainable quality of human society dependent on marine environment”, which will be held in Palermo at the Area della Ricerca CNR on 27th - 28th November 2012.

The BSIJ 2012, co-organized and sponsored by CNR and JSPS in the frame of the Bilateral Agreement of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Italy and Japan, will provide a focused forum on current studies on the impacts of toxicants on marine organisms. Italian and Japanese Experts will report on their studies, exchange information and discuss specific issues.

This edition of the BSIJ will have as satellite meeting the 1st Marine NanoEcotox Worshop, which will be held on the
29th of November 2012
and organized under the aegis of the EU NanoSafety Cluster.
The mission of the workshop is to stimulate a comprehensive discussion on the effects of nanomaterials in the marine environment and enlarge the marine nano-ecotoxicology community at both European and International level (USA, Japan, others).

We hope that the joint meetings will provide a great opportunity to share new ideas, foster collaboration and encourage young researchers in the field.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Palermo.

The Organizers of the 5th Bilateral Seminary Italy-Japan 2012
Valeria Matranga & Masato Kiyomoto


Scientific Organizers:

Valeria Matranga (CNR Scientific Referent, ITALY) 

National Research Council
Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Immunology "A. Monroy"
Palermo, Italy @

Masato Kiyomoto (JSPS Scientific Referent, JAPAN)

Ochanomizu University
Tateyama Marine Laboratory, Marine and Coastal Research Center
Tateyama, JAPAN @

Honorary Organizer:

Yukio Yokota (Professor Emeritus, JAPAN)

Aichi Prefectural University
Department of Information Science and Technology
Nagakute, JAPAN @

Organizing Commitee:

Rosa Bonaventura  (graphic & website editor)
Caterina Costa  (fund raising & budget adviser)
Annalisa Pinsino  (secretariat & external contacts)
Roberta Russo  (registrations & internal contacts)
Francesca Zito  (program & abstracts editor)

Technical Assistance:

Mauro Biondo  (web designer & typographic support)
Alessandro Pensato  (web master & streaming accountable)
Anna Bonomolo (web editor & outreach support)

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